1 Oct 2006

Have you ever wanted to throw your computer out the window?

That feeling is returning. Yes, that sinking feeling that you have been outsmarted by your computer. Either that or the feeling that the software developpers were just out to ruin your day when they put together such a crappy program. My dad used to say, there are no such thing as "stupid computers" just stupid people... or something like that. I'm not sure I agree...
My old apartment was on the 5th floor and acutally the thought of tossing my computer out the window was actually quite gratifying... as i imagined it's long descent and final crash- solving all of my problems, at least for the moment.

It all started when i moved into a new apartment where there was DSL, but i needed to hook it up... which was the first problem, because the Polish phone company (aka. my internet provider) created the most annoying software program possibly available- it deleted my email account, and basically took over my computer. After hours of frustration, i called them and finally got it working... the next obstacle was the wireless router... which for now my roomate and i have completely given up on. The third issue is the printer, drivers*#?@!# and ya, the haunting feeling that all of this technology is a waster of time- yet i can't live without it.


Emily said...

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. Computers...computers.... :)