13 Jun 2006

America Gotta Love It! Part 2

Reason #3 - sport obsession
I am realizing that in every country people have a different attitude towards sports. It has been extremely difficult to figure out the volleyball world in Poland, i think mostly because they have a 'professional' mindset.
POLAND = If you are going to play, play well!

In Canada the attitude towards sport is a bit different. For example right now it is Stanley Cup playoff season and the country is hypnotized. But other than that Canadians are kind of indifferent to sports (well besides hockey)
CANADA = If you want to play sports, go ahead and play - i play chess.

The USA is altogether diffferent. Yes, i would say they have a sport obsession; meaning practically their whole world revolves around sport. I was reminded of that again this weekend when i was asked the famous question, "What highschool did you go to?" This may seem like an innocent question- but the Americans are trying to figure out, based on the reputation of the sport program of your school - how good you really are!! It always throws them off when i tell them i'm from Canada- like all of a sudden they can't evaluate me based on my highschool. (their knowlege of highschool doesn't extend across the border to that country that is really quite indifferent to sports!!)

Anyways, i like America's sport obsession. They have the mentality that everyone can play, everyone can coach. The credentials for a coach?... that they can 'walk and breathe' they actually said that at my course. That would freak out the volleyball world in Poland; because you have to be a professional, you have to have papers. But that is a illusion.
AMERICA = Sports are life.