12 Jun 2006

Amercia, Gotta Love It! Part 1

Have you ever noticed that after you are away from something for a while, when you come back, it looks different. It's not necessarily that the thing has changed, but you just see it differently, like from a different perspective... because you have changed.

I just got back from a 5 day road trip to Columbus for a volleyball coaching course and as i drove and experienced the America i had a brief acquaintance with in college, i laughed. It is fun, and sometimes funny to catch a glimpse of the things that make a culture tick.

Reason #1 - belonging
I noticed the new trend in America is "club cards". I was in a gas station and they asked me if i wanted to sign up to collect points. I politely declined saying i didn't live in the US. I was in Victoria Secrets and they asked me if i wanted to sign up for their angel club. Again i politely declined saying that i lived abroad and it didn't seem to make much sense to join. I haven't decided if it is just some marketing scheme, or if Americans really just value that much 'belonging'. Either way, belonging to something bigger than yourself seems important. For being an individualistic society i would say Americans are pretty good at clubs, at working together towards a common goal.

Reason #2 - self flushing toilets!
I also realized half way into the weekend how 'comfortable' everything is. First of all driving on the highway in the USA is nice! In Columbus they even have 10 lanes on the beltway, it's a whole lot nicer than worring about driving off the narrow road that they call a highway in Poland. The whole clinic was rather 'comfortable' from the free t-shirts & coaching bags to the endless supply of free snacks and drinks to the toilets in the highschool that were 'self flushing'!! As i sat there i thought to myself, "in Poland the toilets don't even have toilet paper in them, in America they have toilet paper and the toilets even flush themselves!!"


Anonymous said...

You gotta love those self flushing toilets. I hope you are enjoying your time here in the western part of the world.