14 May 2006

A Tribute to My Mom

I love my mom. It's interesting the things you learn to appreciate about your mom when you live on the other side of the ocean. I just realized lately that i love how she makes things smell nice. Like when i used to play sports in high school and my room used to smell she would always sneak into my room and plug in those Glad-plug-in's... and when she came to Poland last time she brought this oil candle that melts and makes my whole room and apartment smell wonderful!!!

Another thing i love about my mom is that she is selfless... the coat i am weraing in the picture- that was her coat, but because it reminded her of me, she wanted me to have it. So she just gave it to me.

But most of all why i am thankful for my mom today is that she has let me grow up and become a woman... yet still knows when i need a mom. Thank you for caring about my life and for always being there for me mom. I love you.


Emily said...

Your whole family is adorable.