19 May 2006

Proud to Be Canadian...

After a VERY LONG plane ride, i am finally back in Canada. It is good to be back. It constantly amazes me how quickly i fit back into the swing of things here. Only a few things seems strange, like not being able to park on the sidewalks, the strange way of flushing the toilets, and driving an automatic car. But there are a lot of things i like about Canada, how friendly the waitresses are, TIM HORTONS, friendly people, not worry about where i park my car or if i remembered to lock it.

God is really teaching me to love who he has made me to be. Honestly for a while i regretted not fitting in in Poland, not being more Polish. In my head i always knew that if God wanted to make me Polish, he could have. But i think it was just on the plane ride on the way home- i realized that God made me Canadian, God made me able to play volleyball and play in the USA and God now has me living in Poland. And he wants to use ALL of those things for his glory. I could be Polish and have finished AWF (the Polish Sports University) but who would that make me today? Not Krista. Someone different. And God has made me who I am for a reason. Now it is simply my choice, will I use ALL of who He has created me to be for HIS glory?


Emily said...

Glad you're back, girl.