14 Apr 2006

Desperate for God

Recently, quite simply life has been hard. But i am realizing that in times like this when i am desperate, i grow desperate for God. When am i the most appreciative of His guidance? When i am completely lost on my own. For his joy? When i am in the depths. For his presence? When i feel completely alone.

Some of my sisters closest friends are walking a much rougher road. Their unborn child has been diagnosed with a disorder that means it will develop to full size, alive, but without a miracle will die outside the womb. They are a wonderful young couple. What a difficult situation to be faced with. Yet i am so encouraged by their heart to seek refuge and encouragement in God. Jon has written some about it on their blog. The last entry entitled 'suf.fer.ing' encouraged my soul. http://the-smith-family.blogspot.com/

It left me wondering if we too often trade in comfort for encounter with the Almighty. If by chosing the easier path we miss out on His presence through the pain. Obviously Jon and Jenni haven't chosen this path, but God has chosen for them to walk it. My prayer for my own life today is that i would chose what is right over what is easy... and God's will above my wants.


Emily said...

Ah, thank you for your words. Have a good day. I say a prayer for you tonight.

Bret said...

Hey Krista:

It's been a long time since you contacted me awhile ago and even longer since we saw you in Hungary something like two or three years ago. A long time. Thanks for your honesty and desperation for Christ. It's refreshing and wonderful and keep seeking after Him. As for Jayla and I, we are now in Denver, Co - just bought a house in Stapleton (www.stapletondenver.com), a New Urban development. I took a job as the Business Director for a charter school on the same property (www.scienceandtech.org). Both the neighborhood and the school are welcome breaths of fresh air for in the United States. It's exciting for sure. On the other hand, we miss Amsterdam and Europe so much. We miss nearly everything about it, but mostly our friends and our community. Anyway, just wanted to get back with you. Keep seeking sista!