4 Apr 2006

Badz Soba!

Well the good news is that i can stay in Poland for another year. The bad news is i have to go through that whole darn process again in less than a year if i want to stay here longer (which for now is my plan...)

I am learning a lot lately about finding my joy in the Lord and being myself. Jesus really raked on the pharisees for pretending to be somebody they weren't. I think my favourite is when he called them white washed tombs and he is talking about them pretending to be holy and righteous when on the inside they were full of junk. It is really tempting as a Christian to put on a 'happy face' and sometimes that smile can just become a mask, masking what is really going on in the inside.

In a recent conversation i was sharing that i sometimes feel this pressure in ministry to make it look like i have it all together, when the honest truth is... i don't. My friend responded by simply telling me to "badz soba" which in Polish means be yourself. I appreciate the advice. I think it was what jesus had on his mind when he took it to the pharisees. 'just stop pretending to be someone you are not. admit that you have issues. admit that you are weak.' i honestly think if they had done that jesus wouldn't have been so mad at them for pretending.

I'm also learning that if i'm going to 'badz soba' i had better learn to like the person that I am... meaning the person that God has made me to be. i used to think that learning to love yourself was kind of arrogant, or self centered. But the more i think about it i think it may be one of the most God-glorifying acts we can perform as christians. Given we do it in humility and as an offering of all we are back to him...


Emily said...

Wow-your entry is exactly what a friend and I were talking about today. We're on the same page and we're 1,000's of miles away! So cool. Thanks for your comments on my blog as well. I miss you a lot...take care and keep fighting!