15 Mar 2006

snowboard camp

... i like pictures. someone once said that a picture speaks a thousand words. if so, why do i attempt to use words instead of pictures? thought i would post a fun picture from summer camp. these are 2 girls, marta and aneta i met there. they started cheering for me while i was playing basketball, then we hung out in the pool together and skiied for the rest of the week in a group. they don't know Christ yet, but came to the camp because their friend was organizing it. He loves Jesus- and so did a lot of other people at the camp. I prayed that they would see what it means to really love Jesus more than your own life and to live life for him. The last day they wanted to hold me for this picture. i thought they were crazy (i'm a lot bigger than them!) but i'm glad. i think i have some new polish friends.

We talked about this verse on the weekend....John 16:33 and how the English translation just doesn't do the greek justice... In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. The theme of the conference i was at was "Pod Napieciem" or "Under Pressure" the speaker pointed out that the greek form of 'you will have trouble' much more represents the fact that we will live "under pressure" or stress while we are in this world.... the amplified version is a bit better... in the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration... it is good to know and be reminded of that truth.