25 Mar 2006

Knowledge and Paperwork

So i was at the ice rink the other day with a group of friends. As we were paying the admission fee my friend noticed and pointed to a book in the window, "LEARN HOW TO SKATE". We kind of laughed. It's kind of an ironic concept you know, that you could learn how to skate by reading a book. But then i got to thinking how this way of thinking kind of defines Polish culture. (not at all meaning that you can't find similar books in the US)

The concept that knowledge is everything is very much a part of the Polish bloodstream. I know all throughout school they tried to convince me that grades were where it was at. If i could get 98% that was somehow amazingly better than 89%. So i graduated college with a 3.91 or something like that and have all the paperwork to prove it. But what does it really matter in life. squat.

So then yesterday i was at volleyball practise of an elite club here. I've been thinking that i'd like to get involved in coaching. We'll it seems that there may be a problem with that because i don't have 'paperwork' saying that i am an official coach. Which i assume means read enough books about volleyball and coaching to do the job well. It doens't make a ton of sense to me. You know you think playing 5 years of DI volleyball and more than 10 years in total may allow someone to know a little about the game of volleyball...

It's not just with sports, it's their education system too. In fact, i'd guess it maybe originated there... so you graduate all these people who have a lot of head knowledge but practically speaking can't do a whole lot. Like my pastors 9 year old son had to memorize 25 species of bird in 2nd grade, in Polish... you kinda wonder what for?

Anyways. It's got me to thinking you know about the Bible and much of it i read as a textbook, hoping to get a good grade and how much i'm really learning to put into practise the things that God is teaching me.


Emily said...

Hey there, girl! Loved reading your thoughts...I don't have too much to say except for this: you're awesome.-Loveth, Emily :)