31 Mar 2006


Today i had a run in with the Polish police. You see i live on a very busy street which tends to feel like a ZOO when the international trade fair is on. Today was one of those days. cars racing up and down the middle of the street like Jaguars, big transports lingering like elephants and people criss crossing the sidewalks and streets unaware of the ferocious vehicles which threaten their very lives... then there stand the police on ever corner, in the place of the zookeeper or animal trainer pulling over cars left and right, or just keeping them in line with their intimidating wand...

So i had picked up a keyboard from a friend, a very heavy keyboard. My roomate met me to help me carry it up from my car, however there was NO place to park. So i had to leave and circle the block... not even wanting to re-enter the zoo, i thoughtlessly called her on my phone... and before i knew it one of the zookeepers was pulling me over with his magic wand. Shoot. It is illegal to talk on your cell phone in your car in Poland. I know that. I know that. Shoot.

So he opens my passenger door and i start rambling in Polish, "mieszkam na tej ulice, i nie moge zaparkowac, kolezanka tam czeka i ma cos bardzo ciezko..."

i am interupted with... PANI DLUGO MIESZKA U NAS ( has the lady lived long here in our country?)

...tak... (yes)

3 lata (3 years)

PANI ZNA ZASADY? (does the lady know the laws?)

200zl jest mandat (the ticket is 200zl)

"to nie widzalam..." (that i didn't know...)

JEDZ KOBIETO! (drive away woman!!)

It was with great relief i left the zoo, realizing that the trip to the zoo had almost cost me 200zl (60USD!) Tomorrow all the circus animals go home and i will have peace on my block for at least another 3 weeks, until they roll back into town!