17 Mar 2006

Boycott of GPS

So i have firmly decided that I do not believe in GPS. You know the system that is supposed to track your location on the globe and tell you the best way to get somewhere by car. Well I had my first experience with the phenomenon yesterday and it stunk.

So we are driving to look at a possible location for sports camp just outside of Poznan. My friend, Maciej, is a techno- geek. I mean that in the nicest way. He just likes toys and is very pround of his PDA and all it's mad capabilities. As we get in the car, he is convinced that the GPS will get us most efficiently to the location... i had my doubts. So i handed him my paper map book, and said 'just in case'. You see my paper map has been very faithful. She has never failed me once. And quite honestly i know it is my fault if i get lost- because you can't possibly blame a piece of paper.

But to appease him, i am driving and listening to his GPS lady spit out directions to me in Polish - "za 100 metrow, skrecz w lewo.... lekko w prawo..." I started to notice something was not right when she told me to take a left onto this REALLY REALLY muddy side street. I almost refused to turn, except for my persistent Polish friend who believes amost as much in his GPS as he does in Jesus... so i turned. I felt like i was drag racing in the mud- as we continued down that road i new i was headed for trouble when my tires started spinning and i was connviced we were going to get stuck in the mud pit. At one point i felt like i was in the middle of a corn field that had just been flooded.

Did i mention Polish roads are horrible to begin with. Anyone reading this from a western viewpoint will not completely understand... but even the main highways for the most part are 2 lane roads (expect for the few hunderd meters of REAL HIGHWAY the EU has paid for) country roads are full of pot holes and the most threatening thing to the life of your car is killing your shocks or losing a tire in one of those CRATERS! Every driver in Poland knows how bad the situation is. But for now i have taken joy in the fact that in 10 years, when the EU totally reroads the country, i'll be able to say... i lived in Poland in the days when the roads totally SUCKED. today is that day.

Back to the faulty GPS system, i don't know who invented it. But at least the Polish version isn't worth it's weight in nothing... So we get back to the main road and realize if we had stayed on it, we would have gotten then 10 minutes earlier, because it was the same road we had turned off of before the mad mud ride. On top of that now we had to wait 15 minutes for a train. Honestly i was quite mad at the GPS system. I greatly dislike any form of technology that is supppoed to "make ones life easier" and ends up making things 10x harder. My advice for anyone who is considering investing in a GPS system.... buy a map. they are like 5 bucks, and a heck of a lot more useful!!


Emily said...

Hi there, Krista! I love your blog! It's great learning more about your adventures and also your impressions about our world. You rock, sista! Love, Emily