8 Mar 2006

Blog Slacker

I've been a blog slacker lately. I think because in general i am looking for any excuse to escape technology. I love it when i can get away for a weekend and don't have to look or think about a computer. Don't get me wrong, i am very thankful for my computer and it is a neccesity in my life here in Poland and allows me to connect with the world and with my family and friends far away... but there is still something it lacks. Truly living. i like blogging, i like playing with my digital photos and all that but there is just something entirely invigorating about running a 7 minute mile, about going off a ski jump, about experiencing life that my computer can never give me.

Besides that i have decided at least for the time being that iTunes is not my friend. I just downloaded all my music into it and the result is a royal mess with artist and song title and album all messed up and in the wrong place. I think i have spent 10 or 12 hours fixing it and i'm still not even 1/3 done with the mess. technology. Another thing is that my email is acting up. I can't decide if the culprit is outlook express or hotmail. either way it is annoying. so i am leaving tomorrow for Katowice, for a youth conference and i will escape my life and my computer and all this technology that is "supposed" to make ones life easier at least for 4 days!


patricia said...

Hi Krista,
Patricia here ... your Amsterdam friend who is temporarily back in Colorado (just until April 14). Just discovered your blog and wanted to say 'hello.' It's cool to have another connection with you and get to read some of your thoughts and "hear" a little of what's going on. You are so real, and you live an extraordinarily beautiful life!
Hope to see you at ESR.
Love, patricia.