23 Feb 2006

Ice is Back

In the past few weeks God has really awakened in me a passion for sports. It all started by attending a Snowboard camp led by a really cool Polish guy, which made me think, 'hey my stereotype that Poles are athletic, and that God can't use sports to reach Poles is off the wall!'

So after the camp some great friends, who also happen to have the gift of being inspiring (i don't care if it's not a spiritual gift mentioned in the bible... they have it!) encouraged me to consider organizing a volleyball camp here this summer. So i'm praying about it and also seeing what we can make happen :)

The day i get home to Poznan i had already made the decision it's time to stop being lazy and headed to the pool the next morning at 10am, yesterday went rollerblading at this cool sports complex (the only one of it's kind in poznan) and today went ice skating! But the coolest thing is God has also given me a new sense of bravery. Time to stop with the excuses- i can speak Polish and i need to start using it more. So at the ice rink, i asked if they had a hockey league... and THEY DO!! It's not very high level, but my hockey skills aren't either- the guy asked me if i had played professional or amateur (hehe, i must look intimidating!) and told me there was one other girl who plays with them! I need my hockey equipment (it's in Canada) but he invited me out next monday to see what's going on and meet some people!!! I am still amazed at how much God loves me. And just when i thought moving to Poland meant hanging up the skates, knee pads, skiis and everything else i see that God wants to use me and all He has given me to relate to lost Poles!!

Oh, and i'm also going to Warsaw next friday to meet the director of Athletes in Action in Poland, the guy who led my team here in 1998!! Who ever said life with God is boring?!


Anonymous said...

hey krista found you on the internet at google.com I love hearing about what you are doing. Keep up the good work