27 Jan 2006

Ukrainians in the House

It's hard to put into words my experience the last few days. Maybe because a lot of life i don't understand right now. Russian - nie panimaju. Ukrainian culture. Polish Culture. How spiritual growth really happens... Even through the confusion God has been teaching me a lot. A lot about giving up control, and not having to always be on time, organized or have things go the way i planned them to go. Because basically nothing this past week has happened on time or as planned. Heck they don't even know how they are getting home to Ukraine. The girls were talking about it today at lunch.

It was quite amusing actually. The girls thought for sure this guy named Olek was coming back to get them with his van... when Shelley said, "He is really sick with contagious measles" I really thought she was joking. But she wasn't. So maybe they will take the train home. Maybe someone else will come to get them in a van. But as of today they don't know. And they are ok with that.

We ate at Pizza Hut today, because they don't have Pizza Hut in Ukraine. It was a lot of fun. The little things in life we take for granted... i think it was my favourite trip to Pizza Hut ever just because those girls were so excited to go!Pizza Hut has really good pizza.

After Russian Clubs at the bird cafe, I asked Roma and his sister Anna how they became believers in Jesus Christ. It was really encouraging to hear how God reached out to them in one of their darkest moments and saved them from a life of emptiness and pain. It is good to know where a person has come from. It helps one understand them better. Hearing their story gave me renewed hope that the same God who saved them, and me can and will save lost Poles.