31 Jan 2006

Sasha's Tool

So the other day nothing seemed to be going right and we return home to find out that our toilet had been log jammed. With a group of about 20 Poles and Ukrainians coming over in just a few hours we scavaged the house looking for a plunger. Nie ma. (that means we didn't have one). HMmmm. Co zrobic? (what to do?)

So Shelley writes Ania... even though Ania's English is really really good we had a feeling she may not have encountered the word 'plunger' before, so shelley decides to write 'toilet plunger'. To which Ania responds, "the thing that pulls water?" So we figured she got it. She searched their house and told us that they didn't have one. Bummer.

Then about 5 hours later, Sasha shows up at our apartmet... with a PLUNGER! Amazed that he found a store open that sold plungers (where the heck does one buy a plunger in this country?!?!)... Shelley curiously asks, "where did you find a plunger?" to which Sasha responds, "at home... Ania doesn't know my tools." completely seriously. it was so cute i had to keep from laughing. i have to say i have never quite heard a plunger referred to as 'a tool'.

Every man should have a tool box complete with hammer, screwdriver and plunger!! Then again after the Ukrainians left in their cold van for home, sasha returns and sets to work and says, "Now where did i put my tool?" But i must say Sasha and his tool got the job done!! The toilet on Sniadeckich is now open for business :)