17 Jan 2006

One More Stamp...

So today i go to hand in the form for my Polish Residency Card (Karta Pobytu) which allows me to legally stay in the country. It's honestly quite annoying for one of several reasons.

#1 they think i'm a nun. since the Catholic church is the only 'real church' recognized in Poland legally i am classified as either a monk, priest or a nun- go figure.

#2 they make us apply for the stupid card EVERY YEAR, and seeing as it takes like 3 months for the Polish government to process it by the time we actually get them we have like 9 months left before reapplying.

#3 one time they kicked me out of the country because a whole lot of confussion and miscommunication, it's left a bad taste in my mouth.

#4 STAMPS... like i told you EVERTHING in Poland needs stamps to be official. But today it's like the kind you lick and put on an envelope... except you don't put them on an envelope... from what i've gathered it's like paying to process your form. One thing i learned last year, you can't buy your stamps from the lady you give the form to- but from the guy sitting behind the glass on ground floor (4 floors down). I thought I would get smart this year and save myself needless trips up and down the elevator. So on my way up I showed the "stamp seller man" my form and asked how many stamps i needed to buy. He looks at me puzzled as to why i'm even asking, shrugs, and says i don't know. You have to go ask the lady upstairs. urg.