31 Jan 2006

Helping Hands

So in addition to Sasha helping me fix my broken toilet, i have had a handful of people help me out lately. Due to the -16C weather we have been having in Poland my car battery died last week, and for good this time. My wonderful Southern Baptist friends Mike & Vickie came over with their van to jump me. So as Mike is pushing my car out of the spot on the street so the cable will reach, the cars driving by get really excited... free spot!! That doesn't happen all that often on our street! You would think they'd get the idea when a man is behind a car pushing it, that it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But it took Mike and me engaging in a bit of sign language (pointing at watch=this is going to take a LONG time, waving jumper cables out the window=the battery is dead and the car isn't moving!!)

But before we know it there is this really old Polish man standing beside us offering his help. I thought, hmmm, interesting. I bet he just wants my parking spot. But we proceeded to look for Mike's battery to hook it up to mine. After we found it, we figured out we had unlock it! Right at this moment the old Polish man insightfully added, "it's so you don't lose it". We've both lived here long enough to know that this man UNDERSTANDS his fellow countrymen!!! (i've lost a car radio and hubcaps in my first 4 months of car ownership in Poland!)

The man then jumps right in and tells Mike which cable to connect first and even hooks my car up. After about 3 tries my car finally starts... Yippee!
The Polish man quickly asserts, "Ok. I'll got get my car from behind the gate!!! Wait ok?!" Mike and I both cracked up. We couldn't believe that this guy was for real! He had gone out of his way to help us... to attain his very own parking spot!