20 Jan 2006

The Great Adventure

My sister and her husband are planning to come visit me this summer. I have to admit, i am very excited about their visit because we are also planning to go visit the church in Italy, driving through the Alps and finish our journey in Venice. So the other morning when i woke up, instead of reading the bible first which i normally do... i caught a glimpse of my Lonely Planet Tour Guide Book! I love that book. I started flipping through the pages and reading about where we could go, what we could see and fun things to do. I probably did that for half an hour before realizing that our team meeting was going to start in about 15 minutes...

Looking at the other book sitting beside me, i realized that although our Italy adventure will last for 2 weeks, this adventure to which God has called me will last a life time. I realized that i've been reading a Tour Guide Book every day. I'm so glad God knows the desires of my heart and is a God of excitement and adventure.


Tuco said...

Hey! I'm a Canadian who taught in Poland in 1996, in a town called Kedzierzyn-Kozle between Opole and Katowice.
You were there for three years! Wow, that's a long time in that country, though if you stayed that long you must have had a blast.
Hope you have good memories of it, take care!