24 Jan 2006

The Dead of Winter...

I was walking the other day to my Ukrainian friends house. They don't live far, 5 minutes by car, 10 minutes by tram, 15 minutes by foot... i was almost completely frozen by the time i got there, at least i couldn't feel my lower extremeties. I found myself walking because my car wouldn't start. It doesn't seem to like -16C weather very much. As i sat in the drivers seat and tried to turn over the motor, i had a feeling i was in a losing battle. rur, rur, rur.... rur, rur, rur... the noise of a car that isn't going anywhere. After running back up to my apartment, to put on the appropriate clothing for the frigid walk i hit to the frosty streets. As i walked passed 3 other frustrated car owners with their hoods up and a little dog limping across the cross walk as quickly as he could without the use of one of his paws, that was apparently frozen by the ice and snow, i began to appreciate unified trials. I realized that I wasn't the only battling the cold or having trouble with my car. It reminded me again how trials have the potential to unify us as people, just as much or maybe more than when we find success.