25 Sep 2005

God and Ikea

I love God. It is amazing how he supplies all of our needs- i feel so blessed to be his child and that he cares about me more than the lilies of the field and the birds of the air.

I like Ikea. I think God supplies some of my needs through Ikea. When i moved to Poland 3 years ago i was happy they had ikea. most of my apartment has ikea furniture. yesterday i got chairs for my kitchen table. i am so happy now we have a comfortable place to sit when we have our planning meetings and prayer!!


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Chairborne Stranger said...

I agree, this is a great blog, very comforting and spiritual, which is nice, considering I am deployed to Iraq, and people here don't like me all that much. Stop by my blog sometime, it isn't nearly as relaxing as yours, drop a line sometime, I'll check out how you're doing out in Poland.....take care.....