31 May 2005

Religiosity vs. Reality

Well recently my favourite author is the guy who wrote Blue Like Jazz... Donald Miller. Honestly i didn't even know who the guys was a few months ago when my friend invited me to go hear him speak. But i went to Toronto with her, mostly just to spend time with her. That night i almost tossed my cookies after being stuck in a 2hour traffic jam all the way to the seminary where he was talking. At first I wasn't that impressed at all- i can't remember most of what he said (because i spent half the time in the bathroom) but i remember thinking the guy was 'real'. Like he wasn't a phony pretending to have a whole bunch of biblical knowledge to impress people or talking about a whole lot of deep theological things to win the approval of the seminary professors.

Later i borrowed his book from my sister and read it on the plane on the way back to Poland. He has a lot of stuff to say about life and about christianity. I don't agree with everything he thinks, but i appreciate his honesty. I think mostly because i live in a society where everything is not as it seems. People are more worried about impressing you and pretending to be religious, than being real. I guess i just wish more people were like this guy. So anyway, i named my blog after him, well at least the subtitle. Quite an interesting irony actually- non-religious thought on Christian spirituality in Poland... because for those of you who didn't know- it has got to be one of the most religious countries in the world. I don't think God is all that concerned with religion though. I think he more cares about people's hearts than the things they do to look holy. Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts about life. They will most likely be quite random- but honest.