20 Dec 2014

Gingerbread Party

We had such a fun time making pierniki (polish gingerbread!) It's a must for the Christmas season :) The house smelled great and was full of holiday cheer (except the boys having to go to bed when they'd rather be 'helping' in the kitchen!) Some of the girls are very artistic as you'll see below. I think we'll have to make this a yearly tradition.

Thanksgiving Time

We had a great Thanksgiving! We invited some Polish students over to our house for a turkey feast. We had a time of thanks, fun & games and lots of good food :) Here's a glimpse...

 Uncle Marshall came to visit too! (He also lives in Poland)
 The Turkey

 Our 3 Turkeys

 Just Dance on the Wii was a hit!
 Our little gamers
More games!

We are thankful for good friends who help us order turkey's in Poland when they are not in season here. We are also thankful for what God is doing in the lives of these students and for being able to be a part of it!

18 Dec 2014

Advent Activity :: Making Bird Feeders

So one of the activities on our advent calendar this year was make bird feeders. We had all the supplies, the boys were excited but this one was hard for toddlers. I won't call it a complete fail, since they turned out looking nice. But seriously the recipe i found on a blog i follow were horrible (only gelatin + water + bird seed). I had to save the mixture by throwing some other things in the mix (flour + honey) to make the gelatin mixture thicker... so eventually it worked. But it was messy.

Besides helping add ingredients to the pot there wasn't much the boys could do. They were good sports about it though and coloured these fun pictures of bird feeders from their winter colouring books!

They turned out okay but i think next year i may try suet instead of gelatin. Not sure it will be any less messy! We ended up with about 9 and decided to give some of them to the neighbours as gifts.

We kept one to hang on the tree and hung a few outside our house too (even though we don't have any snow yet!) After i made them i realized that they are probably a bad idea since we have a bird problem in our roof! We'll see if they get any action... if the pigeons start feeding on them they may need to go... here's to hoping we get some pretty blue birds or cardinals.

16 Dec 2014

Alex's 1st Woodland Theme Birthday

We had such a fun time celebrating our little guy's first year! He had a Woodland themed birthday with fun kid friendly food, snack and cupcakes. I was thankful to find this Woodland Birthday printable party {the ellie blog} and that we had some good friends to join us!

:: fruits of the forest ::

I found this black & white photo bunting on Pinterest and LOVED how it turned out for our little guy!

{children inspire design}
:: ants on a log ::
:: pine trees ::
:: buckeyes ::
:: hedgehogs ::
:: berries ::
 :: party guests ::
:: cake smash :: 
:: we love this little guy! ::

We also showed this video of our sweet boy's first year. Enjoy!