13 Apr 2015

Dump Truck Races :: 2nd Edition

Let the races begin! We're so thankful to have nice weather and my how the boys love dirt. Last year i posted about Dump Truck Races when Alex was still a baby and just an observer. This year he joined in the fun! I love watching the boys grow in relationship and friendship with one another. What a gift, that they have a built-in buddy system and lifelong friends!

 Little man got left in the dust, so he found a rock.

Which he quickly turned into a cell phone!

And started chatting with grandma :)

Big boy is still the fastest. 

 Clashes and crashes have entered the races.

Taking a break. 

 Double time.

brothers + friends

learning how to ride. 

 dreaming of victory one day!

styling in his shades.

Working together collecting rocks

29 Mar 2015

Teaching Toddlers about Easter

This Easter i feel like our 4 year old is really starting to understand at least a little bit about the true meaning of Easter. Our kids are still young ~ 4, 2, & 15 months but here are some of the thing we're doing this year.

1. Resurrection Garden - This was actually a really fun activity for the kids because we have a garden store just a 5 minute walk from our house. When daddy was away last weekend i took a walk with the 3 boys to go get a potting dish and seeds (watercress/rzeżucha) for the garden. Since our walk is through the woods i also asked them to collect sticks and rocks, which they had a really fun time doing. We already had potting soil at home and since we had picked up some other flowers to pot on our front porch we had an empty plastic pot. The weather was gorgeous (15C!) so my 4 year old and i put it together outside in the yard (which was a great because i didn't have to clean up a mess afterwards) and the other 2 just played with their toys. It only took about 10 minutes and we love how it turned out! 

Every time we read the Easter story from one of the books below or the Jesus Storybook Bible i talk about the empty grave, like in our resurrection garden! It's a great visual especially for our 4 year old. Last year we planted bean seeds and learned the verse, "I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow." 1 Corinthians 3:6  Our oldest seems to remember and is especially excited about the little plants growing up. When he talks about that i talk with him about how God gives us new life and how Jesus arose from the grave!

2. Easter Books - How i love telling the story of what Jesus has done for us. I was reminded this morning on our drive to church of the grave sadness and the amazing joy that lives in this story. It's a lot of emotion for a 4 year old. I posted about these Easter books last year and we are still loving them!

Easter, Easter Almost Here is about the Triumphal Entry and Palm Sunday. It rejoice in Jesus as King and is great for little kids. Unfortunately it looks like it's no longer in print but we love it!

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story is our boys favourite this year. We've read it almost every day the past week! It's a great story for little ones who really like Easter candy, as the Berenstain Bears know A LOT about candy, and a LITTLE about the real meaning of Easter, their Sunday school teacher takes them to a play on the Easter story which helps little ones embrace the real meaning in the midst of Easter Egg hunts, bunnies, chicks and candy...

Benjamin's Box is a great way to tell the Easter story to our 4 year old. It uses symbols and the story takes place in the days of Jesus from a little boys perspective. It can be used together with Resurrection Eggs, but this year we are just reading the story. In the future i think i may make our boys a treasure box, like the boy in the story has (symbols to tell the Easter Story).

3. New City Catechism
A friend of mine shared a video of her kids answering these questions and i was amazed! Kids have such a great capacity for memorizing!! We downloaded the app and are on question #6 with our 4 year old. It has been great timing as we talk about Easter and Jesus being raised from the dead and returning to the God the Father.

19 Mar 2015

Little Soccer Players ::Małe Piłkarzyki

We have a soccer field (and some graffiti) in our neighbourhood.  There's also a soccer league for kids 4+ that we look forward to signing the kids up for someday.  Yesterday i took the little boys out to kick the ball. It's amazing how much boys love balls, running and dirt! Enjoy ~

17 Mar 2015

Short Story :: A Visit to the Library

Inspired by my photographer friend Francesca Russell, i thought i would start an occasional feature on my blog called "Short Story" where I share several images taken during an event.  I am learning to capture different angles and details to help tell a "short story". Here is the first episode - a visit to the library!

I've started taking the kids individually to our local library when I go to make photocopies for a the girls bible study. We LOVE the kindhearted librarian, she is always so excited to see the kids.  And they adore the colourful kids area, full of books and toys. Elias found a toy camera amongst the random assortment of toys, which made mommy proud! It's such a joy to see our kids grow and learn about the world around them. I'm thankful that we have this library just 5 minutes away to encourage their love of reading as they grow!